Sunday, October 14, 2012

Here we go!


Welcome all! Today is our new beginning at The Daily Pattern! Our goal is to bring you a new pattern, of different sorts, every day. Though crochet will be our main focus, we will offer patterns for knitting, sewing, paper crafts and who knows what else. 

There are many pattern websites out there already. We know that. We study them. We subscribe to them. We love them all. But we feel there's still something missing in most of them - NEWNESS! Though there is a great market for the old patterns, (especially for those just starting out), there's also lots of desire for more fresh, up-to-date, modern patterns. And that's what we aim to bring you - STYLE!

The Ruffled Lacy Scarf
We welcome and encourage our readers to tell us what they're looking for - and then we will do our best to design to your description. We will attempt to deliver AT LEAST one new pattern of some sort every single day.

Join us in this venture and check back here at our blog for the latest information of what's happening at The Daily Pattern. It's going to be fun and exciting and sure to inspire and motivate even the most experienced of crafters!

T-Shirt Drawstring Handbag